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Friends of common people, 1 ton truck on battle ground appeared on 'Hyundai Potter'

Craftone's pub in the Pub's Studio adds a different fun with the Player Nouns Battleground (Battlegrounds) 13.2 updates.

First, a variety of new features are added to the target and map. The first generation model of the representative truck of Hyundai Motor is emerging as a new ride. As a result, the first Korean concept car in Korea is the first Korean concept car,

Porter is the first time in 1977, it is a vehicle that is evaluated that it was released for the first time in 1977 and has opened a horizon of commercial trucks with durability. It was released as three rates at the time, but the Potter, which appears on this time, was designed to be able to board up to 4 people. In addition, it is expected that no temperament can be driven easily, and it is expected to enable strategic play in a 8x8 km size large map. In addition, the porter also applies to the 'trunk system' that can be transferred and moved. This system, which is first introduced to the battle ground, is only supported for porters, and all items that can be put into the inventory such as weapons, helmets can be loaded. However, all items in loading when the vehicle blast is loaded.

In addition, a new form of throwing inorganic 'Blue John's grenade', which causes the magnetic field to be generated for 5 seconds, is added, and the duration of the first blue zone is reduced. In addition, reflecting the feedback of users on the progress of the return time, the blue zone has been reduced and adjusted to reduce the full progress time before returning. In addition, it was updated to meet a variety of weather.

Battle Ground New weapon 'P90' appears on all maps. The P90 is sponed with a ammunition with a 250 foot with various attachments such as a laser, a silencer, and a multi-tube machine, which is spawned to the supplied box. 5.7mm High power ammunition is capable of up to 50 foot, and supports double optical functions that can quickly switch near and short-range combat.

Craftone shows 'casual mode', which can lightly play the battle ground for battleships in Battle Royal Competition. You can play alone or party up to 3 matches per day.

Meanwhile, on the 8th, the Live Server will be launched by the 'Surviva Pass: Frenzy' s Day (Crazy Night), which can enjoy the battle ground even more enriched the battle ground from 11:00 am to 11:00 am to 11:00 am. From this update, the Surviver Pass operations periods have been extended from 6 to 8, and users can enjoy more enriched benefits and fun. This Survivor Pass is prepared for a compensation for a smashed coupon, a nameplate, and spraying. Survivor pass packages are available as 'Weapon Pack' and 'Weapon & Level Pack', and SKS Skin, Level Substitution, and the like can be obtained together.

Battleground 13.2 Live server updates are held on September 8 and 16, respectively in PC and console. More details can be found in the official cafe.


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